Wednesday, July 27, 2011

June 24th 2011 - ...and yet ANOTHER surgery

This is my last weekend pre-surgery. Feeling fine, able to walk, able to do normal things. After spending the last 3 months basically recovering from one surgery after another, I'm not excited to jump back on the recovery hamster wheel again. I've just gotten to where I feel NORMAL, but that's going to end. Monday I'll spend most of the day at the hospital doing pre-op stuff which I'm sure will include paperwork and the taking of my blood. Then Tuesday is the surgery. I'm going to beg the anesthesiologist to put me to sleep because the thought of getting a needle in the lower back is really squicking me out. Plus I'd rather not be awake during the surgery, something tells me it will be worse when I'm awake.

They have me scheduled for two days in hospital just in case I don't handle the surgery well, but I'm sure I will go home later the same day. My biggest worry right now is how I will get around seeing that I can't use crutches because of my lymph node surgery under my arm. I don't think I can handle a crutch pressing up against my arm pit. That kinda leaves either a walker or a wheelchair. My house is SMALL and I have NO room for a wheelchair. I guess a walker would be the winner, even if it makes me look like a 90 year old.

I really don't want this surgery, but I have to find out what this tumor is, and if it's cancer having spread, then it would have to come out anyways. So wish me luck and I'll post again as soon as I feel up to it.

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