Wednesday, July 27, 2011

April 25th, 2011 - Here we go again...

So here we go again. This weeks starts another round of tests and another surgery. Last week they told me the pathologists were taking a second look at my cancerous lymph node to see if the cancers were below .1 or .2cm in size, or over. Apparently the survival rates for cancer below those sizes are better than the survival rates above. My oncologist called me this morning to tell me my size was 1.2 cm which is well over the size so, as he put it, "It's a good thing we're going ahead with the surgery to take out the rest of the lymph nodes". I asked him if this ups the odds that I'll have some kind of chemical therapy and he said he wants to wait and see what the PET scan says tomorrow, but he did mention Interferon again and I'm starting to get nervous. Having the flu for a year is my nightmare. I'll do it if it's either that or death, but they better give me some heavy duty anti puke drugs. I have a feeling I'll be spending the better part of the next 12 months in bed. How this will affect my job is beyond me. I have to just trust and forge ahead.

Tomorrow is the PET scan and I have... let's see... a little under 5 hours left to eat and drink tonight. I'm not worried that anything will hurt, I'm worried about the crap they're gonna make me drink before the scan. I hope it's not chalky. I know I have to sit still for almost an hour before the scan, and I'm hoping they'll at least let me listen to and/or watch my ipod so I don't have to stare at the wall. If they don't let me, I may drive everyone nuts by singing 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall over and over and over. I told mom she better eat breakfast at her house before we leave because if she stops for a breakfast biscuit on the way to the scan, I may have to hurt her. And god knows by the time I get out of the scan I will be cranky McCranky pants, and will be heading to the nearest McDonalds for FOOD.

I'm also on a chocolate silk pie kick. Guess what I'm having for dinner tomorrow night? That's right, chocolate silk pie...LOL. No really, I'll have some, but I will eat a regular dinner as well. Steaks? Hmmmm.... When you have cancer, you could really give a f*ck about the price. Especially since I expect to be really miserable for the next week or so and not give a care about food.

So wish me well tomorrow and I'll try to post before the surgery. 


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