Wednesday, July 27, 2011

April 6th, 2011 - Here We Go

So here's my day today. First we went to Surgery Pre-Op and filled out a bunch of forms. Then to the lab so they could take many vials of my blood. After that sign more forms, then over to xray to get a picture of my chest. Then across the street to meet with Financial Guy (who was young and CUTE and very nice to me!). By then it was too late for lunch, so over to the Medical plaza for my shots. My parents were famished and the Plaza has a Subway inside so I told them to go eat and I'd go do the shots myself. My mom was so worried about me, she almost insisted she come with me, but I said no, I can do this. So I went over to Nuclear Medicine myself, filled out more forms, and waited.

Once I got in there I was so pumped up it was almost ridiculous. I kept telling the tech "Bring IT!" and she would just laugh. She was SO NICE and we talked and talked, and she loved how I blinged out my iPod. Then the other tech came in, and I told him I'd pay him $100 to be gentle, and he laughed and said he'd be gentle anyways. Again..SUPER NICE. They just talked with me and joked and put me completely at ease. They even let me listen to my iPod with one headphone so I would be less nervous.

They gave me two shots. The lady held my hand and the man said ok here we go, first the stick, and he put the needle in and I was like "Ha! That was...." then he said "Ok now the burn" and I said "OHHHHHH SHIT!!!!!" and 3 seconds later it was over. Then a few deep breaths and he said ok, last one, get ready.... stuck the needle in, no problem, "here comes the burn"..... "SONOFABITCH!!!" and they both said that's ok, scream whatever you want. I was actually kicking my legs on the table but right when I thought I couldn't take any more, it was over.

That was it. Yeah it hurt. It burned like acid going in. But it sure as HELL wasn't worth all the worrying and the tears I spent over it the past week.

I kicked it's ass!

Once they injected the dye they had this big machine that traced where the dye went to, which lymph node. I was so terrified it would be in my neck, I really don't want surgery on my neck. But I was lucky, it was right under my right armpit where I had hoped it would be. So I know now when I wake up tomorrow I will be cut on my chest and under my right arm. The more info I know, the better able I am to handle stuff.

They gave me special soap that I have to wash my torso with tonight, and then I have to take another shower with the soap in the morning before I leave for the hospital. Tonight I have to call after 7pm to find out what time my surgery is and what time I have to show up at the hospital.

Change that... While I was typing that last sentence, the hospital called. They want me there at 6AM tomorrow, which means I have to leave at 5AM, which means I have to get up and shower at 4AM. OMG.. Mom is thrilled... LOL. I just went quickly and took my 1st shower. So 4am means I'll have to go to bed at like 10pm? Yeah, right. And no food or drink, not even water after midnight.

Please say a prayer that tomorrow goes as well as today, and that they find no cancer in my lymph node. You probably won't hear from me again for a few days at least, so I guess I will see you all on the other side.

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