Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Pics

Here are a few new pics that I've gotten and/or taken of my journey so far.

 This is my first scar, after the initial mole removal done in March 2011. It was small, 8 stitches, but it was a big deal for me. They did it in the derm's office and later called me on the phone to break the bad news that I had cancer,

 This is me in Pre-op. I think this was my 4th and final surgery so far to remove the tumor behind my knee. (That one turned out to be benign). Mom took this pic and I'm giving her the look "You better not be taking my picture, mom!".

This at the dermatologist in October for two removals and biopsies. I was getting to be a pro at the whole medical thing by this point.

The procedure room at the dermatologist, or as mom likes to call it, "The Melanoma Room".

My main scar where it all began, right above my cleavage. It's faded a bit, but you can still see how large it was. For some reason they decided to do only internal stitches and used derma bond on the outside, so my incision started to pull downward due to my boobages. I could have had surgery later to make the scar prettier but I refused it. Let's face it, I'm no beauty queen anyways.

A closer view. I wish I had taken more images during my journey, but I think I was just so numb from having cancer that all I could think of was the next scan or the next surgery. But I think it's important to share our images and stories so that others can benefit from our experiences... if they choose to.

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