Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Back to Normal

I would have posted earlier regarding my scans and results, but I have had a separate health problem that has me extremely anemic and tired all the time. If it's not the fatigue, then it's headaches from hell. Basically it's all hormone related and my doc is trying to sort it all out but until then I'm up and down. 

My scans were uneventful, although they didn't give me any nice warm blankets so I was bummed. It took a week for my Oncologist to get back with me about the results and that was with me calling the office several times a day. I met with him two days ago and we went over the scan results, which were normal. He looked at my swollen right side near my arm but didn't seem concerned with the swelling. He scheduled me for another PET scan in April - 6 months from now.

Yesterday I went to the dermatologist, and as usual, they took me straight back to the procedure room. It wasn't needed though, because my skin exam was clear, nothing to cut off! She scheduled me for a 3 month appt in February. 

So basically I'm in the clear until next February and I can sit back and enjoy the holidays as a normal person, and not a cancer patient.