Monday, August 8, 2011


I went to the dr with mom today, it was her orthopedist to get her knee injection. She told him I had cancer, which started a conversation about melanoma. He asked me what kind of therapy I was doing, chemo, radiation, etc? I said no, I was just doing observation. I told mom later I felt guilty saying that, like I was just sitting back and waiting to see what would happen.

An hour later we had an appt with my regular doctor. He asked how my melanoma started and I was showing him the scar on my chest where the initial mole was. He said "Well you have a pretty good chance of melanoma reoccurring at the initial site but if you go two years with no return, it probably won't ever come back".

I was only diagnosed with melanoma in March of this year, and already I know more about it than most doctors out there.

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  1. Well we certainly know that it can come back whenever it wants to but it is more likely to come back in the first two years. Eston hit the two year mark in July and though we know it is far from over we are happy to have gotten to this point. The main reason did do the Interferon was so he could feel he was doing something. His doctors were very neutral about that but they did recommend the radiation. Do not beat yourself is a very personal decision and once made you should try to never look back Becca.