Wednesday, March 14, 2012

One Year Ago...

Today is my one year "Cancerversary". One year ago today my dermatologist called to tell me the pathology results of my mole removal. 

Cancer. But it didn't scare me or freak me out until she started talking about surgeries and oncology. I hadn't yet learned the nasty kind of cancer I had, but I would learn.

It's a been a year full of trials, fear, surgeries (4 of them), some pain, and uncertainty, but it's also been a year of love, strength, and blessings. The best thing about having cancer is that everyone who knows you expresses to you how much they love and care about you, and it lifts you up so high, I swear you can almost fly. It's overwhelming. It's like having a warm blanket wrapped around you.

I've learned alot this year about those who care about me, most all good, but one or two people bad. But the most important thing I've realized is how strong I am. This was my gold medal year. I'd never had a single surgery or broken bone or an overnight hospital stay in my life. I was terrified. Now? Another surgery? Bring it. It doesn't scare me anymore. 

Cancer has taught me the person I can rely on the most.... is me, and that has been worth the journey.

Here's to (hopefully) another year NED. 

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  1. I was JUST reading another blog post about someone's one year cancer-versary. It's such a weird feeling, isn't it? So true though. You find out who your real friends are, AND you learn that YOU have incredible strength. Glad you're seeing the positives and that you're sharing your story :)