Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Still hanging in there

I took Deni to my dermatologist last week, and she had a full body check. Unfortunately, my doctor was busy with another patient, but two other doctors gave Deni the twice-over, and she got a clean skin scan. Of course, once they found out I had Melanoma they wanted to see my scars and asked me all about what stage I was at and what treatments I had done. I felt a little weird because when they were done, and they walked out of the room they said to Deni "Nice to meet you", then turned to me and said "Good luck". I just kinda felt like... "Geee, thanks. You mean I hope you don't DIE!" LOL. I know, I was just being way too sensitive. While Deni was putting her clothes back on, I threw her shirt at her and said "Showoff" because her skin is good. I was really relieved, though. There was a spot on her foot that was concerning but they said it was probably just a wart. Deni has had at least 7 or 8 cancerous basal cell growths cut off body before, so it was great to hear she was clear for now.

I have my six month scans coming up later this month and I'm already getting a little scanxiety. I'll have a full body PET scan, then a few hours later an MRI of my brain. Then I can prove to my family once and for all that I actually DO have a brain!

Until then, trying to stay positive and live my life....


  1. Best wishes on your scans. I always want to show my wife the radiologist's reports on brain scans, just to prove she's been wrong all these years...