Saturday, September 3, 2011

I heard back from my derm and my biopsies were both clear. She also said she checked around and the only option available to me is Interferon. Surprise. Which is exactly what I had thought would happen. With Interferon I have no problem saying "no thanks". Extreme side effects, giving yourself injections, and feeling like you have the flu for almost a year? No thanks. I'm gonna feel good for a year, hope I stay clear, and live my life. Now... if the cancer comes back and I progress to stage 4, it's on, bitches. I will do ANYTHING and everything in my power no matter how sick it might make me because by then all bets will be off and I WILL be fighting for my life. But for now... I am clear and happy for it. It's been a tough year, a really hard year for me, but now it's time to relax and enjoy life and support others in their journeys.

When I hear of someone who is newly diagnosed and terrified, it makes me feel so GOOD to be able to tell them my story, educate them as to what they might go through, and let them know that if *I* did it, they can too. That's what I will concentrate on in addition to living my life. And, of course, I still have my scans to do every few months, and more biopsies at the derm. But I can handle that. I can kick ass at that.


  1. thanks becca! i am so glad your biopsies came back clear! and i am glad you enjoy helping others, because you have been more help than you can know with your posts... thank you again!!!

  2. 1) So glad your biopsies were clear!


    3) really.............SO PROUD OF YOU!!